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    Pack-n-go returning files to network

    Ken Wetenkamp

      Looking for some help with pack-n-go.

      4-man Engineering team, all using SW pro, network license.

      We want to use PnG for bringing files down to a laptop for working at home one day a week.

      (trust me, I'd rather be using EPDM or even WPDM, but that's not happening any time soon <cough> IT department <cough>)

      Files are scattered across the network.

      Pack-n-go gathers the files fine, and I uncheck "flatten to one folder" to preserve directory structure.

      My question is, after returning to the office, how to get the files put back in their original places on the network?

      When I pack-n-go the top level assembly from the laptop back in its original location on the network, it duplicates the file structure one level down.


      I had to run through the whole list, manually pointing each file back to its proper location on the network (a daunting task with 300+ components!)


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Joe Kuzich

          Unfortunately I don't think you can reverse pack-n-go.  Hopefully I am wrong and someone knows a way.


          Do you need to replace all those files when you get back to the office?  If you are only actually modifying say a dozen of them you should be able to replace just those.  When you open your main assembly it should look for the others and find the originals.  I would think anyway. 


          That's too bad they wont get you guys on EPDM.  It certainly has its quirks, but I think it has helped us a lot to reduce lag at work.  It sounds like its exactly what you need to take work home too.  If it's cost keeping your IT guys from it may want to document how many hours you have to spend manually replacing all those files.


          Good luck.