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Colors in database

Discussion created by Koen Harthoorn on Jan 26, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2007 by John Burrill
Hello fellow SolidWorks users,

I've maid a company material database by copying the SolidWorksmaterial database and editing it in a text editor. For somematerials I've copied the textures of  from the SolidWorksdatabase. The result is very good but has some disadvantages.

Using textures in larges assemblies is confusing and doesn't worknice. If you want to change this you have to delete all texture andchange the color for each part individual.

Is there a way to give a material two color properties.
1. Use textures and color added to the material it self
2. Use only color that the user can insert himself

All solutions or ideas are Welcome,

Stefan Hovens