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    Exploded Line Sketches Not Appearing on Drawings

    Brandon Smith

      I am having trouble with exploded line sketches not appearing on my drawing views or displaying improperly in drawnigs and assemblies.


      I have several configurations of an assembly and each have their own exploded views and exploded line sketches. I have separate sheets in my drawing for each configuration. There is an exploded view on each sheet.


      It seems completely random, sometimes the exploded line sketch will appear on the drawing view, sometimes it will not, sometimes it will appear on top of all other model view details (i.e. lines don't dissapear behind parts when going through holes). Somtimes, in my assembly, the wrong exploded line sketch will display, or remain displaying after I have collapsed the exploded view.


      Any thoughts?

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          John Petrak

          Had the same problem the other day.  I noticed that next to my cursor there was an icon that looked like a piece of paper with a lightning bolt in it.  I believe it basically meant that I had exceeded the capapbilities of my machine.  I deleted some non-essential things and I was able to get them to appear again.

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              Brandon Smith

              Unfortunatley I do not have the option to delete anything. I am also not getting the icon you mention.

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                  John Burrill

                  Brandon, the solution for your other post-turning on high-quality shaded views, should help you out here.

                  John, the icon on your cursor means the view is displaying draft quality.  solidWorks will do this if you set it to display this way in 2014, if your model contains circular references, if your drawing views or model are loaded lightweight and while your view is rezzing up after opening the document.  In SW13 and earlier, views that display this way will spawn a "high quality/draft quality" option tile in view properties.  Drawings that are last saved in 2006 or earlier automatically load this way. 

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                      Brandon Smith

                      Hi John,


                      Where is the option for turning on high-qulity shaded views that you are talking about? I think I have checked "high quality" everywhere I can see the option.


                      As It turns out, I am indeed getting the lighting bolt icon. This is despite the fact that I have high quality set everywhere I can see the option, and my assebmly is fully resolved.


                      I don't believe I have any circular references, but is there a way to check for this?

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                    Randy Palmer

                    I am having this same problem (SW V. 2013).  Sometimes it will show the option to toggle the view from draft to high quality, but clicking on high quality does not correct the issue.  It almost seems like clicking that radio button does nothing more than make the radio button option disappear.


                    The only time I can get all the explode lines to show up, is immediately after I do a QTRL-Q in the assembly model and then switch back to the drawing.  However, once the drawing refreshes, the lines are all gone again.


                    This problem is incredibly frustrating, and easily reproduced on another machine and in another drawing.