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Create blank row and column in BOM

Question asked by Matthew Kubiak on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by Matthew Kubiak

Using SW 2013


My company has a very specific format for our BOMs (photo attached). I have a few questions to be able to use SW's BOM.



I need to be able to have a blank row above the Footer. When I try adding a row and moving the parts up a row, the item number then start at 2 because SW thinks the blank row should have its own item no. In other words I want Item 1 to start in Row 3.



When adding a column, is there a way to have no column property attached to it? This is a similar problem to number 1, I want completely empty cells that have no formatting.


3. If my main assembly has more than one configuration, is there a way to add a new column (the new config's QTY) for each configuration, and have SW automatically populate with QTY (assuming all configurations have been done correctly in the assembly/sub-assembly models). Another way to ask this question: is there a way for different columns to populate the table with quantities from the assembly’s different configurations.


These questions are hard to convey through writing, please take a look at my example BOM, I want the SW BOM to look and act just as the example BOM does.


Thank you for your time