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Photoview not saving rendered single animation images

Question asked by Helge Feddersen on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by Loci Lajos

Hi All,


I am using SWX 2014 Sp2, my computer is running win7 64 bit (fully updated) i have a nvidia quadro 4000 card using the 320.78 Driver.


i am currently having the following issue: Photoview does not render a motion studie as it is supposed to. please see the video 1 . please note the only reason why you can see anything being processed is because i have network rendering activated. alternatively you can active the embedded pv preview.


the usal GUI and pop ups i get when starting to render a animation: also uncludes as a first question if i want basic motion studie or the slower simulation (sorry if i am missing a couple of english terms, i am not a native speaker) - this question is missing all together.


Usually Photoview also gives the option, whilst already rendering, to activate the preview image. This setting would then apply to the next frame. then you can watch the buckets being processed - this option is also missing...see video 2


what i have done sofar:

1) contacted my support, they could reproduce the problem but do not have a solution

2) repair installation of SWX

3) new installation of SWX


thanks for your help and support




Update: downgrading to SP1 also did not help, i also edited the headline - photoview not saving the single tga images seems to be more apropriate