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    Need Help To Edit Macro

    Paul Hammond

      Hello Everybody, First Post,


      I just started trying to create and edit macros and while i am just learning and willing to start from the bottom, I need to jump forward a bit and modify an existing and rather large macro.


      This macro controls the size, Length and Width of a assembly and as the size gets bigger so does the components. My problem is that i have 2 components that should be different but think they are the same. it appears that when the macro was written these components where different in our library but at some point we decided to copy one of the components and save it with a new name. Now when you run the macro they appear to be changing as if they are the same. I would like to paste a portion of macro for viewing but am not sure how you do this with in the post. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as i have been looking at it for quite a while.