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Attach Ballon to Subassembly

Question asked by Rebecca Bennett on Mar 4, 2014

Hello, so I've got a mixture of parts, subassemblies and subassemblies... yes subs within subs... for my exploded drawing.

I don't want or need to indent the whole BOM table, but I'd like to just be able to tie the ballon call-out info to the sub-subassembly name / part number / custom property.


I've read through the forums that you can create a sketch at the sub-subassembly level, attach the ballon to that sketch and it calls it out.  This is true, but only at one level of subassembly aaaand when I exploded my subassembly and move it away from its original subassembly axis the line / sketch doesn't follow the subassembly, it stays where the original axis was.


...can I throw in one other bit of mess... I don't want the file / Part Number (BOM), I'm going to use the custom property "number" for the Ballon Text...

Which makes for a side question:  Is there a way to change the BOM Part Number that keeps it tied with the part??


So, my overall assembly is M2500

The subassemly is 13759

and the sub-subassembly within 13759 is 13767


Hopefully the attached pics help...