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    2014  Aligned Section Views

    Nicholas Kuffel



      We have a question regarding using Aligned Section Views.

      Currently we are using SolidWorks 64 bit SP2.0


      In the past when we used SolidWorks 2012, this was not an issue, but now it's a little confusing and we do not see the option to section mutilple sections at once

      Please see the simple jpeg to understand what we are asking


      Thanks in advance for your help

      Best regards


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          Paul Marsman


            I believe you are looking for the "Foreshorten View" option in the section view property manager.



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            Matthew Lorono

            Don't use Foreshortened unless you have an unusual angle (not 90deg) but still want foreshortening.  For almost all cases you do not need to start with a pre-existing sketch to create your cutting lines.  See Help for Section View.  Here is an example of step based on your image.


            1.  Just start the Section View tool.  You will automatically have a cutting line attached to your mouse cursor.  It starts in the vertical direction. 

            2. From the PropertyManager (or just tapping the Tab key) switch to Horizontal cutting line.

            3. Place the cutting line through the leftmost hole in your view.  It will automatically attach to your hole if you select the hole geometry.  You no longer have to try to add a sketch line with sketch relations.

            3. From the Section View Pop-up, pick the Single Job tool. 

            4. Add one single jog thru the next hole,

            5. Repeat for the remaining two holes, each time using Single Jog.

            6. Click OK and place your Section View like before.


            You no longer have to manually add sketches and sketch relationship.  The old way was very time consuming and hard to set up by comparison.