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    2014 using Aligned Section Views

    Nicholas Kuffel



      We have a question regarding to using the Aligned Section View in SolidWorks 2014


      SolidWorks 2014 SP2.0 64bit


      In SolidWorks 2012, using the aligned section view was quite easy, especially when sectioning multiple areas.

      Now I find this quite confusing and was wondering if someone could direct us in the right direction.


      Note: We are sectioning thru several different areas at once and would like on section view to see all.

      Please see simple jpeg 



      Thanks in advance for your help

      Best regards


        • Re: 2014 using Aligned Section Views
          Matthew Lorono

          Nicholas,  your example is a less common application of aligned section.  Normally, this would be a standard section, where the jogs would be ignored.  However, if you wish to project all segments of your cutting line, per your example, the workflow is the same as SW2012.  Create a pre-existing sketch, select it, and start the Section View tool.  The first time you do this, SolidWorks will ask you to make a choice (aligned or foreshortened).  Choose Aligned and "Never Show Again".