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No more "new" functionality

Question asked by Nick Harmsen on Jan 25, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by John Stoltzfus
Crashed again immediately after a failed to save error, little bugshere and there that just get annoying, FYI, this is more of a rantI hope somebody with pull reads more than a request for help.

I am so sick of new releases every year that everybody is afraid totouch until at least the third service pack.  Solidworks wasmost liked and appreciated by it's users when it was rock solidperformance-wise circa 97 through 99.  Now it's a race everyyear to get the new version lobbed (much like a grenade) outthe door with whatever (mostly useless) "new features"they managed to spew into the software.  

I believe I'm not alone in stating that I'd be happier if SW justskipped a year or two of new releases just  to regain thatformer glory of being a nearly un-crashable program.  Thefriendly rivalries that used to occur between designers sticking upfor different CAD software was done out of pride in theirrespective systems, now it's like comparing mother-in-laws to seewho has it worse, and it's incredibly frustrating.

I realize mine is a futile argument as "sexy newfeatures" are supposedly what sells the software, but theexplosive growth SW experienced at the end of last century wasbecause of a rock-solid product and the incrediblypositive word of mouth that product generated, that imageis gone, and each new release makes it painfully more clear thatit's never coming back.  

(Just upgraded to 07 with the release of 2.2, the cumulative effectof all the bugs prompted the rant, sorry for wasting your time, butit's therapeutic)