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Assembly mates from flexible to rigid

Question asked by Luis C. Loredo Bellido on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by Luis C. Loredo Bellido

Hello everyone,


I am new in this comunity although I´ve been using SolidWorks for a year. I am trying to maximize the number of rigid assemblies I use, to minimize the number of mates which must be resolved.


The problem comes when the position of some of the parts in one of those assemblies must be defined related to another assembly, so the easiest way would be to set the subassy as flexible and give mates to each of its parts. After I set all the neccesary mates to define each part´s position, I set the subassy to rigid again, willing to keep the parts in the possition defined with mates. But they come back to their original position as if I hadn´t add any smartmate.


Is there any means to "context edditing with mates" the subassy or something so that it keeps the changes when I turn it back to rigid?


This matter is indeed important in cases dealing with high number of parts. I usually have to manage 500 parts which makes everything goes really slow.


Some more info:

Let´s say I have an assy as in PIC2.jpg and I make it to get its geometry as in PIC1.jpg by setting it to flexible. Is there any means to set it back to rigid so it keeps the desired geometry as in PIC3.jpg?.


I also add parts and assemblies I´ve created for this issue.


Thanks in advance.