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Norton AV 2007 kills Solidworks

Discussion created by Steven benson on Jan 25, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2007 by John Burrill
I'm the poor guy that gets to install software on the 15 machineshere. Every year, the owner buys a 25 pack of Norton Anti-Virus.The past 3 years I throw in the disk, perform the install and we'regood. Not this year.

if you install AV2007 without un-install first, you run intoproblems. Norton recommends a program that will un-install previousversions of AV. After doing so, Solidworks gives an error that says"Error - You must re-install Solidworks" or something tothat effect. Solidworks runs but some things weird. When choosingcolors, there is no longer a swatch or pallette to choose from.It's just blank. Today I opened an assembly yo find large textacross the screen that says "DO NOT COPY TYPE HOLES".What gives?

I've emailed Symantec with the problem. Someone other than myselfneeds to work with Symantic on this issue. I'm not sure whatchanged when running Nortons "fix" but it was notgood.

Steven Benson