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Linking Extruded Cut Depths to Design Table

Question asked by Scott P on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Matt Martens

Hi There,


I am creating models for a few dozen shafts. The model dimensions are formatted in a table, which I transferred over to excel. What I would like to do is to link the dimensions in the part file to the dimensions in the excel file. I know how to insert a design table and populate my configurations with the names as designated in the excel file. I can link all the diameters and lengths of the shaft, however I am running into problems with linking the keyways. I was not able to find an answer for this (and I fear that I cannot do it but I decided to ask out here just to make sure) from my searches. Is there a way to link the extruded cut depth to the design table as well? If so, how?


Any help is greatly appreciated, even if the answer is that it cannot be done!