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Need help,  I would like to trace a shell over an item

Question asked by Xam Ti on Mar 2, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2014 by Anna Wood

I like to trace and design a cover for an item to encase.  I like to know how to do that with solidworks. using the 3d sketch command and surfaces.


Take for example a shell for the bottom of a rectangle glass (not using dimensions)

I was thinking of the following and very open to more efficient ways to complete my tasks.

1.  take pictures of the part (for tracing) in several views

2.  insert pictures as background [i do not know how to do this with precision and correct scale / no distortion]

3. Use 3d spline / spline to trace edges to create sketches

4. Use surface to generate skin

5. Use thicken to generate part


Please suggest or assist


thank you