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    Checkin 'Created' File into EPDM

    Eric Swartz

      I have several macros that create files (save them to) in EPDM... I would like to add to those macros the ability to check those files in automatically and in some cases change their state.  This all seems relatively straightforward using the vault.GetFileFromPath method to get the file, and then unlock it.


      However... this method returns null as it can't find the file (or so it seems).  I'm guessing this is because these files have never been checked into EPDM before (they are in the vault though, in the private state) and thus EPDM doesn't know they're there?  This doesn't make a whole lot of sense since  I can get history on the files, so on and so forth... so they're in the vault and accessible by EPDM.


      What am I missing?  Is there another method I need to employ before attempting to check these files in via the api?  Right clicking on the file in Explorer or in Solidworks yields a simple check-in... no need to add the file first.


      Any help is appreciated.