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    Bending upon Collision?

    Matt Kelly

      I am looking to have a piece of my assembly bend upon sliding down the surface of a cone face, extending as it rides down the cone. Setting slips for a liner hanger (downhole oilfield tool) will extend as they ride down the cone and dig into the inside of the pipe it is run into allowing it to hang, is the jist of whats going on. I am thinking it is a certain type of mate. PLEASE HELP. I have attached the files and assembly. THANKS!!

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          Stephen Bittner

          This looks like a complicated problem, which is probably why you haven't gotten any response.  I do not have a solution for this, but I too would be very interested to know if this is possible.  My first thought was to somehow create a "hinge" on each section and then create a coincident mate where the two parts slide together.  If you set the assembly to "flexible", then the motion should simulate the opening and closing of the flexible part.  Of course, the trick is to set that "hinge" mate on a circular part, and it would just be an illusion at best.  /boggle


          You could probably cheat something in there, but I'm certain that it would require changing the geometry of your flexible part to allow this to happen.