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    API CreateCustomSymbol to for creating new symbols

    Aniket Kadu

      I am trying to create a custom symbol using CreateCustomSymbol API in my code. ( symbol is square with an X inside it )




      This is how my gtol.sym file looks like





      I want to create this symbol using the API CreateCustomSymbol , however i am not able to understand how to construct the input parameters to this API.

      Dim Segments As Object

      Dim Points As Object

      Dim Notes As Object

      Dim value As Object  

      value = instance.CreateCustomSymbol(Segments, Points, Notes)


      // How do i construct the parameters to this API ??




        • Re: API CreateCustomSymbol to for creating new symbols
          Josh Brady

          I don't think that is what CreateCustomSymbol is for.  According to the API help, that function is obsolete.  It is superseded by three different functions that were introduced in SW2007.  Those functions deal with sketch blocks, not symbols.  Therefore, I imagine that CreateCustomSymbol (if you can get it to work properly) will not actually create a symbol like those in gtol.sym, it will create a sketch block.