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SAE Bodywork Surface Will Not Solidify

Question asked by Nathan Atkins on Mar 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Nathan Atkins

Hi all, this is my first post so I apologise if it isn't written correctly or how you're used


I'm having some trouble with solidifying a surface model; I have designed some bodywork for my universities SAE Formula Student car, and I am wanting to separate the Body and sidepod and save them two models with 2mm thickness.


I have been able to Knit the Sidepod, Thicken it, Split and save it as separate part which I am pleased with however when I try to do this with the Body I keep getting the error message 'Failed to offset or face could not be deleted'.


Originally I thought this may have been due to some gaps between surfaces in my model so I tried to fix that, and saved the model as a .step file.
Upon reopening the .step file I was able to run a diagnosis and heal all of these gaps and create one complete surface... This still didnt allow me to thicken the surface and I got the same error message, even with a smaller thickening size 0.1mm etc.


If  anyone could help at all i'd be very greatful! I have attached the solidworks model for anyones reference. Also once I have done this does anyone know how I would completely solidify these models? (Filled volumes)


P.S The model isn't completely finished yet I just wanted to be able to thicken and seperate these parts so that when it is completed I can cut it into sections ready for CNC milling.