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    Fill the cavity

    Arun Kumar



      I would like to know how I can fill this cavity , the part is imported and now I would like to make a body of the cavity, so when I take the cavity body and the imported part in assembly, they assemble together. This I am trying to do for analyzing the assembly in FEA and designating to different material properties.

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          Paul Cullen

          Hi Arun


          To make a new part that is the shape of the cavity what I would do is save your imported part under a new name called cavity then in this new part I would create a boss extrude of a block to encompase the imported body (I would make the create the sketch for the new body on a plane just below the bottom of the part and then extrude up into the part as far as you need to create the cavity, but I would not go all the way through your imported part) do not merge the bodies together. Then using the merge/combine body command I would subtract the imported body from the boss extrude this will leave you with the cavity that you want. You can now bring this new part into your assembly and mate it with the original part.