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Help! Text within AutoCAD drawings being reformatted by EPDM

Question asked by Brad B on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by Jeff Sweeney

We are using Enterprise PDM 2012, and the AutoCAD drawings which are giving us problems are created in AutoCAD Electrical 2012 SP1, 64-bit.


We have a workflow set up for drawings, where the user creates an ERN, which then goes through the process of Originator>Checker>Approver>Release. It is during this process where we encounter problems.


When changing states, from orignator > checker, or checker > approver, EPDM opens the drawing in order to fill in the relevant title block field. But somehow it is changing the format of the text, within tables and blocks. For example, the drawing will have a block with right justified text, but at one of the transitions it will be reformatted to center justified. This causes problems as the text will then be out of place, and on top of other geometry.


Has anyone seen this before, or does anyone have any idea what may be happening?