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PDMWorks Workgroup drawings only reporting

Discussion created by Andre Visser on Jan 25, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2007 by 1-5MPX2J
I add all my custom properties to the SW part or assy. When creating the SW drawing the description and a few other custom properties are read from the SW part or assy .. so no need to manually add the custom properties to the drawing. Then all is checked in to PDMWorks. When reporting from PDMW on Assy/parts descriptions and quantities are shown. Then changing to report only on drawings the description and quantities are missing. When reporting on ALL Assy/parts have descriptions and quantities but not the drawings.
Seems like the intelligent custom property link that exist in SW between Assy/part and drawing does not exist in PDMWorks.
I supply my clients with PDF files and want to supply them with a speadsheat BOM with Drawing Numbers, Description and Qty's which I should be able to obtain from PDMW drawings reporting.
Does anyone have a solution for this problem.
SW2007 SP2.0
PDMW2007 SP0.0