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Toggle between dimensional units

Question asked by Spencer Reese on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by Christopher Estelow

Is there a button that can be added to the toolbar or a keyboard shortcut to quickly toggle between, say, inches and millimeters (or any units of the operator's choice) without having to snake through the menus and dialogue boxes?  I would find it most useful in the Measure dialogue box, rather than having another box (Measure Units/Precision) open when the "in/mm" button is pressed.


In other words, let's keep the Measure Units/Precision dialogue box, but make it two panels with each panel exactly like the one that currently pops up.  One panel would be for the user-selected "Units/Precision A" and the other one for "Units/Selection B."  Then, in the Measure box toolbar, add a button that simply toggles the measurement values in the box between the Units A settings and the Units B settings, just like the units button on a digital caliper or micrometer.  Maybe by SW 2015?