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Brain Fried

Discussion created by John Cates on Jan 25, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2007 by Doug Kuhn
Hi guys, I worked the tutorials hoping I'd be able to adapt someautoCad drawings or something while I wait a month for the onlynearby training classes to start, but after five days I'm totallybrain fried.  I guess the examples were not comprehensiveenough for me to apply them to anything other than flat materialwith counterbores or similarly simple tasks.  The softwarejust leaves my Cadd knowledge in the dust I guess, and I've gotliterally hundreds of drawings to do.  Are there any websites,forums, or books to ease the transition?  Anybody else who raninto the same situation have suggestions? I can redo the tutorialswithout a hitch, but when I pull one of our drawings I startdrowning.