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    Derived Components In An Assembly

    Darren Smith

      Can anybody help???


      I have an assembly containing a part (sldprt). This part has been created using a "Derived Part".


      How can I create a bill of materials, in the form of a txt file (that can be opened in notepad) that shows the derived part??


      For example....


      1       203-1462               BEARING SUPPORT PLATE                             [THIS IS THE MAIN PART IN THE ASSEMBLY]


      1       104-1462               FLAME CUT PROFILE                                       [THIS IS THE PART THAT 203-1462, ABOVE, IS CREATED FROM]


      To explane, I have created a part (104-1462) that is going to be "Flame Cut" profile. This "Flame Cut" profile (104-1062), is used as a derived part, to create 203-1462, with the addition of drilled and tapped holes etc.


      I cannot get this part (104-1462) to add to a "bill of materials" output using a SolidWorks API.


      Any help would be very much appreciated!!!!!


      Many thanks in advance!!!