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Plotting Large Assemblies to HP DesignJet 500

Question asked by Michael Bentfeld on Feb 27, 2014

I'm having a problem with people printing drawings to our HP DesignJet 500 plotter.  The plotter is set up as a shared device through one of our servers, which then routes the plot jobs to an HP JetDirect EX Plus (with a Base-10 CAT5 network connection), which connects to the plotter via a parallel cable.  Whenever anyone tries to plot a drawing of a large assembly to this device, the plot job often hangs and locks up the workstation, which can only be resolved successfully through a reboot.  Also, print previews are not working with such assemblies, with the print dialog box simply disappearing after the Preview button is clicked, with no preview ever appearing.  It affects all workstations equally, and all workstations are identically equipped except for the amount of RAM installed (either 8 or 16GB).  No errors are showing up at the plotter or any workstations (in logs or otherwise).  The JetDirect unit is showing normal activity and has been reset several times, as has the plotter itself.  The drawings have been able to be printed as PDFs, which in turn could be printed, but this no longer is the case.  Has anyone out there had any similar experiences, or could otherwise help shed some light on this?


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I have also tested this with a brand-new, similarly equipped workstation, but I am unable to reproduce the problem.


Further Note (3/4/14) - I was able to reproduce the problem with another assembly, albeit much larger than the first (5.5GB RAM used vs. 3.5GB).  That produced the same symptoms as the workstations.  I am also attempting a "direct" network connection to the plotter (bypassing the server), to see if that plays any role.


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