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Solid Geometry with Thickness

Question asked by Tom Williams on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by Tom Williams

Hi, new to the forum and relatively inexperienced in solidworks and I'm having a problem converting this model. I am currently working on my master thesis looking at the application of eXtended finite element method and do not have a great deal of solidworks experience. I have been provided with a solidmodel of a wind turbine blade but it is just a 'dumb' solid I don't have access to the original feature tree.


I am trying to generate a more realistic geometry by hollowing the solid out in someway or adding thickness to a surface to create a blade with a sectional thickness of roughly 20mm, and possibly the addition of a spar. I have tried several methods (shell, thicken, loft, boundary cut, subtracting geometries) from other help within the forum and sought the help of others within the department but nothing seems to be working . I have two models the original solid section I was given and one Shell/Surface model I have created from the solid.


Any advice on how I could create the desired thickness for either of the models would be greatly appreciated thank you. I am using 2012 version