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    Solid Geometry with Thickness

    Tom Williams

      Hi, new to the forum and relatively inexperienced in solidworks and I'm having a problem converting this model. I am currently working on my master thesis looking at the application of eXtended finite element method and do not have a great deal of solidworks experience. I have been provided with a solidmodel of a wind turbine blade but it is just a 'dumb' solid I don't have access to the original feature tree.


      I am trying to generate a more realistic geometry by hollowing the solid out in someway or adding thickness to a surface to create a blade with a sectional thickness of roughly 20mm, and possibly the addition of a spar. I have tried several methods (shell, thicken, loft, boundary cut, subtracting geometries) from other help within the forum and sought the help of others within the department but nothing seems to be working . I have two models the original solid section I was given and one Shell/Surface model I have created from the solid.


      Any advice on how I could create the desired thickness for either of the models would be greatly appreciated thank you. I am using 2012 version

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          J. Mather

          Tom Williams wrote:


          ... looking at the application of eXtended finite element method and do not have a great deal of solidworks experience...

          I recommend going through the tutorials and starting out with basic geometry before getting into andvanced geometry and FEA topics.


          If I were creating that geometry - planar sketches would be 2D sketches, not 3D sketches.  And any 3D sketches I use are created and controlled using 2D sketches.  You will need to become very familiar with controlling curvature.


          I would guess at least 6 months of concentrated effort to gain the necessary experience.


          Learn the basic stuff.

          Get the Matt Lombard books.

          Search Ed Eaton Curvy Stuff DiMonte Group Tutorials and Mike Wilson SolidWorks examples.

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              Tom Williams

              Thanks for the reply, perhaps I have undersold my knowledge slightly I have been using FEA tools for about 3 years now although typically do not require additional CAD software to create geometries (work in Ansys and Abaqus). This was a geometry given to me, I am in agreement with you that if I where to generate this body from scratch I would not use the techniques shown above, I was just wandering if anyone had any ideas about how to proceed with this geometry, as I cannot produce the analysis that is desired in its current state as solid elements required for xfem.

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              Tom dunn

              Hi Tom. I see you are on 2012 and I am on 2013. So even if I can create a model for you wouldn't be able to open it. On the edge of the blade there is a thin surface and it reverses back into the blade and I think this is giving you a problem off setting your surface (shown with a red arrow). I was creating a new surface manually on the inside shown in yellow. This would take some time but I think would work. But with the version issue not sure if I should continue. I could finish and covert to a dumb solid but not sure if this would be helpful to you either. Tom