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    Sid Humphreys

      Alrighty then,


      If I put a note in and it is prefaced with a number or bullet or flag and then the text wraps around to be under the bullet or number or whatever, how can I get the 2nd row and third row  etc. to line up with the first row of text?  I do not want the 2nd and third row to be under the bulletg, number, flag or whatever.

      We have resorted to using word and copying and pasting in because the text editor in word is much more friendly.  Only thing is when we paste in our text from word we get a box around the text that we cannot remove.  This is taking way too much time for something that should be a slam dunk.\



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          Mark Thomas

          Sid, when you first create the note, drag it to the size you want it to be, then select "Number" or "Bullet" format as shown - SW will then wrap the text to the size of the note, and auto insert the next number or bullet.

          Hope this helps


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              Sid Humphreys



              Your example is not lined up and I do not WANT the auto numbering.  You ever try to play with that RT CLIK bullets and numbering stuff?  Indent, 1st line indent, the cute little increment arrows.  That is all a joke.  It is so counter intuitive it is painful.  I have seen where SW people on these boards have been taking suggestions since this time last year on the same exact stuff.  And still I am having to play these games.


              This is poor programming.  How the heck hard is it to make the software do text?  Mr. Moreno, whats the deal?  I see where back in the spring of 2013 you were telling users you were working on this same issue.  I am tired of the work arounds.


              Fix this stuff SW.

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                  Matthew Lorono



                  Thank you for your feedback. I suspected you might've taken issue with the Bullets and Numbering dialog, which I was hoping you'd comment upon.  If you don't mind, I'd like to ask a couple of questions.  What do you expect to be able to do with the Bullets and Numbering dialog (or any element of the user interface) that you currently cannot do?  You mentioned First Line Indent.  What else is the difficult to use because of the current user interface?

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                      Sid Humphreys



                      Thank you for the reply so quickly.  Matthew I do not know how to put this, but SW claims to be useful with a Windows user format.  I can bring Excel spreadsheets in and they are intelligent.  Why can I not bring Word in?  I do not want bells and whistles and pop down menus and numbering and bullet gizmos or increment arrows or any of that.  Just make the text portion of notes like a word processor.  Just like Word or Word perfect or Notepad or whatever.  THAT Mathew would make my work more streamlined.


                      I do not want to have to look for radial buttons or a button to click in options in doc or systems properties or some icon hidden somewhere.  I do not want to have to make some "commonly used" note template and then edit it later.  No macros.  No smoke and mirrors.  Just plain jane old word processing in text.  No more simple or difficult than that sir.


                      I spend way WAY too much time trying to make my notes look organized.  I do not know Matthew how to make this more clear.


                      Thank you for your ear and hopefully you have heard my and others' cry this time.



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                        Dwight Livingston



                        To add to comments above, I'd like to turn off the automatic numbering but still be able to use the numbering button to make lines numbered or not.


                        It would be very useful if we could pick numbers to be flagged.


                        And though of very little use, but still appealing, the numbers would not have periods and would be indented just enough that the flagged numbers will remain in alignment.





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                    Erick Batin

                    Hi all


                    just want to ask after adding points or parenthesis, circle or triangle. my notes first layer and second layer not allign, how to make them alligned again? is it still possbile?

                    note with parenthesis.JPG

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                      Ron Price

                      Has this been solved yet?  I have the same problem.