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    Custom property as dimension value, possible?

    Karl R. Pettersen



      I'm wondering if it's possible to use a custom property in a dimension override field? Currently I'm not using override and deleting the <DIM> from the dimension (causing the dimension to go blank), then adding a regular annotation note which does allow me to link to a property value. Is there any way to use the override field in a property linking fashion? I feel like I'm missing something obvious here.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Why don't you do the reverse i.e. linking the dimension to the custom property value. This way when you change the dimension the, custom property value will update.

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              Karl R. Pettersen

              The drawing in question is just for an angled bracing profile of varying lenghts, in all 6 standard projections in order to dimension standard machining required. These can be anything from 400mm to 3000mm, and producing these variations for different projects means having to pay attention to what goes on in the drawing (scale, detailing, drawing break locations and so on).


              So instead, we fake it - in the full model setup we use a quick represenation of the bracing, and for the order drawing we use a standarized sheet were we only update table/dimension/project reference.


              The workaround I do in OP does work for me (other than annotation text not moving with dimension line, but that is minimal annoyance), as would your suggestion for other things (which we may already do for all I know). I'm just curious is there is a way to link property values to dimension overrise when the tool doesn't present itself automatically (as it does for regular annotation tool).

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              Jeremy Feist

              this is not currently possible in SW - I have been asking for it for years.


              also, as long as the note is "in" the same drawing view, you should be able to "group" the blank dim and the note so that they will move together.