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    Display States - Transparency/HLR problem

    Lee Gregory

      Dear all,


      There is probably an answer to this somewhere on this foum, but I am yet to find it. So I wonder if anyone can help.


      I have an assembly consisting of 30+ parts and have created a drawing.


      In this drawing I would like to show stages of assembly by displaying individual parts/sub-assemblies in different states (HLR, Shaded etc).


      So far, I have managed to create the Display States and applied the relevant display types to my components/sub-assemblies.


      However, the components that have HLR display have now become transparent, and therefore any shaded components 'behind' them in the drawing view is now visible.


      I don't want them to be visible. I want a view of an assembly, with some parts shaded and some not shaded; no transparency. Is this possible?


      Surely there must be a way of changing this without having a dodgy workaround?


      Any help is very much appreciated.





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          Nicholas Reak

          Maybe try hiding the parts in each designated view that you do not need them.

          You can accomplish this by right-clicking the view intended to edit.

          Go to properties>hide/show components.

          While in this window move mouse over to the left of the screen where the feature manager tree is located and you will notice the two icons at the top of the tree.

          Click on the feature manager design tree tab and expand the drawing view you are working with and proceed until you see the list of parts in the assembly.

          From there start clicking away at the parts you intend to hide.

          Once you have done this click apply in the properties window. bam. all parts unnecessary for illustration are hidden.


          hope this helps,