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    Design issue

    Edwin Clough

      Currently, we have a set of parts that are equation driven with some information in custom properties and some in equations.


      I currently open two sub assemblies, two parts in those assemblies and the drawings for them, so in total, 2 parts, 2 sub assemblies, 4 drawings and the main assembly are open at one time.


      I then change properties in a part, the length of the part in an equation and then save as a new part name.  Change the same properties in the assembly it goes to and save as to a new weldment.  I then do the same thing with the other part and assembly.  I change equations in the main assembly to verify the infromation is correct (that the bolt holes line up) and then save the drawings as the new file names.  I also save a pdf of the drawing and a dxf of the parts that need to be dxfed. 


      I do this 20-60 times per project.


      I would love to use a macro or something similar to ask me a few questions then go make the changes.  It would involve asking for the Project, Location (which is used in the naming of the parts), 2 lengths, one degree angle and the two check dimmensions.  Am I on the right track or should I be using a different feature in SolidWorks to make these systems work better on a repeated basis.  I can narrow it down to 7 questions and the that information from part marking (etching) to file names.


      Of course, you'd shuffling between 9 files and saving as then needing to start fresh again for the next set of parts.


      Any assistance would be appreciated.


      Thank you

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          Jerry Steiger



          You might want to look into the DriveWorks add-in. A limited version, DriveWorksXpress, is available in SolidWorks and may do all that you need to do.


          I would also consider using a master sketch or part in your assembly. Put the lengths and angles in that part and then propagate them to your parts using some suitable method, like Convert Entities.


          Jerry S.

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            John Hermann

            I agree with Jerry.  Sounds like a very good senerio for Driveworks.

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              Chris Cassettari

              Hi Edwin,


              As mentioned by Jerry, this sounds perfect for DriveWorks.


              One of the great features of DriveWorks is that you can start with Xpress which is free and in every installation of SolidWorks. You can begin automating your procedure free of charge. If however you would like additional functionality that isnt available in Xpress your project information can be simply opened in DriveWorks Solo and you can continue working without any lost time. This is the same as if you were to go from DriveWorksXpress to DriveWorks Pro or DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro.


              There is obviously a learning curve with understanding how DriveWorks operates. However this is typically quick as the rules that you create are based on the same syntax used by Microsoft Excel, so there is a strong probability that you will recognise a lot of the rules available to you.


              If you would like to find out more, do take a look at our website - http://www.driveworks.co.uk/


              Under the Xpress section you will find Sample Projects, Tutorials, How-to Videos and Webinars that you can sign up for.http://www.driveworks.co.uk/products/driveworksxpress/


              If you do have any questions though, feel free to contact me or your SolidWorks Reseller.

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                Roland Schwarz

                Is this something that can be controlled with master sketches at thetop level?  Sounds like it.