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Design issue

Question asked by Edwin Clough on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by Roland Schwarz

Currently, we have a set of parts that are equation driven with some information in custom properties and some in equations.


I currently open two sub assemblies, two parts in those assemblies and the drawings for them, so in total, 2 parts, 2 sub assemblies, 4 drawings and the main assembly are open at one time.


I then change properties in a part, the length of the part in an equation and then save as a new part name.  Change the same properties in the assembly it goes to and save as to a new weldment.  I then do the same thing with the other part and assembly.  I change equations in the main assembly to verify the infromation is correct (that the bolt holes line up) and then save the drawings as the new file names.  I also save a pdf of the drawing and a dxf of the parts that need to be dxfed. 


I do this 20-60 times per project.


I would love to use a macro or something similar to ask me a few questions then go make the changes.  It would involve asking for the Project, Location (which is used in the naming of the parts), 2 lengths, one degree angle and the two check dimmensions.  Am I on the right track or should I be using a different feature in SolidWorks to make these systems work better on a repeated basis.  I can narrow it down to 7 questions and the that information from part marking (etching) to file names.


Of course, you'd shuffling between 9 files and saving as then needing to start fresh again for the next set of parts.


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thank you