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reducing file size on your server.

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by Josh Killalea

Just wondering what everyone does to keep the file size to a minimum on thier servers?


we work on some massive project files (one we are working on right now takes up 8.5gb of storage when you copy the project folder out of the vault.) and we only got one terrabite of storage on the server thinking that would be heaps. but even with only this project one other "small" (for us) project on the server it is already almost full. we know about the cold storage thing and we have been reading up on that, but to me that looks like you are just filling up another drive in lieu of the one you have all your active data on just in case you MIGHT want to roll back to a different version oneday. in our line of work we would 99.99% of the time never want to roll back more than 1 or 2 versions and even then we would probably never actually do that.


so my questions are;


what do you do to maintain traceability and version control and keep your file size to a minimum?




if you have a whole heap of information on your extra drive with the cold storage on it, can you delete reduntant information from that drive? from what we read it doesn't look like you can.


thanks in advance for any help.