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Hiding Child Components in Indented BOM

Question asked by Brent Rankin on Feb 25, 2014

Hey All,


I have an issue with an Indented BOM of mine.  I have Parent Assembly of which I am trying to make a drawing of that has an assembly and a part, and there is a sub-assembly below the Assembly. So:


904926                      - Parent

     1307060                    - Assembly

          1307060-01               -Sub-Assembly

               601215                      -Sub-Part

               652487                      -Sub-Part

     1010733               -Part


Anyways, all I want to do is to have a BOM excluding the 2 sub-parts.  So I figured there were a couple ways to do this:

     1 - Exclude parts from BOM

     2 - Click the +/- next to the part in the BOM to hide them

     3 - Hide Child Components of the Sub-Assembly (1307060-01)


But when I go to place balloons on the exploded view (the only view in the drawing), I get an asterisk balloon when I click on the Sub-Assembly (1307060-01). I have tried all three ways above and consistently getting an asterisk balloon.


Is there something that I am missing or does SolidWorks simply not pick up any Sub-Parts that aren't 'shown' on the BOM.


Thank You!