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    setting parameters for ANSYS

    Matej Hrapko

      Hello SW users


      I have created a 3D model plus add number of parameters which I later try to use in ANSYS CFD calculation. However not every time I can see the parameters in the ANSYS when loaded. I am experiencing similar issue as in this thread http://www.techcae.com/blog/?p=236

      I edit dimensions separately in sketch, rename them with prefix and rebuild the model. I can also see all the parameters in the Equations as a global variable with link icon. I have also placed all the parameters in the Design Table and tryied them also as separate Configurations. I have also made the Design Study and linked the dimensions to the parameters.

      The parameters are visible in ANSYS but they are not enabled to be used.


      Where does the parameters need to be placed that ANSYS would be able to load them correctly? What is the correct way how to do this?

      Is there any tutorial or help which I could follow? I have found a number of post how to do the following work in ANSYS but not a lot about the pre work in SW.


      Thanks in advance for your help