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    Arrow key not working

    Leon Wurr



      I'm experiencing some problems with the "Down Arrow Key" in my keyboard. I accidentally set it to a shortcut, as the example in the attached file. I've tried to just remove it but the key is not rotating the views anymore.


      When I tried to reset the configurations to default, it started working again, but then, when I used the Copy Settings Wizard to set my old settings back, the Down arrow key stopped working once again.. This is driving me crazy, I don't want to lose my custom keys over this...


      Anyone has a better solution than resetting to default and customizing it from zero all over again?


      I've tried to find the entry on the "swSettings.sldreg" file that is generated by the Copy Settings Wizard to see what command was designating the Down Arrow Key not to work properly, but without success, can anyone help with that?



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          Bill Sardini

          Hi Leon,

          Go to customize, keyboard, and find the File, New, and them blank it out, then resave your settings. I had the same problem. Just got it fixed.

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              Dan Pihlaja

              I just contacted my VAR and she did some comparisons between registries when the down arrow key is changed.


              (I tried it on my machine and got the same result as you did).


              This is what she said:


              To undo the arrow down keyboard shortcut ONLY...rename this key to tPlate0_old.
              HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Solidworks\SOLIDWORKS 2016\Customization\tPlate0



              See SR#1-10637544274

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                  Dan Pihlaja

                  OK, so I just got this back from my VAR:

                  they found SOLIDWORKS
                  does not have the ability to input manually the missing command.  So,
                  you have been attached to SPR 571841 (Cannot restore rotation commands if
                  another short-cut is set to use arrows). We will both be notified when it has
                  been fixed/implemented.

                  Workaround is to change the registry key or reset all customizations to


                  There you go.