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Change Over Control Valve - Custom Route Component Issues.

Question asked by Craig Hardman on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by Craig Hardman

Hey folks,


I'm trying to model a control valve that has one input flange and two output flanges. It's causing me tons of issues.


For some reason, it will not create the other routing pipe in the right locations. See attached pictures


I've tried every combination of rpoints and cpoints I can think of. Getting one feature to work, typically ends up in another feature being borken. (EG. If you add rpoints to each flange, then all route line are in the correct spot but the tab and shit+arrow features on drag'n'drop don't work and the route point is misaligned.)


I don't really see why this fails. I have several similar parts that work without issue.


Any suggestions on how I can go about creating this custom routing part?


Valve Issue2.PNG

Valve Issue.PNG