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    Getting component names from SolidWorks assembly

    Noam Yogev

      Hi all,


      Im trying to get by code the names of an assembly components. the assembly is a routed harness, made by using the "from-to" function, so now I created

      the harness, its well routed and all components are liste under 'components' directory in the tree.


      problem is, when i try to get to these components by code, i can only see part of their name or 'path' in solidworks design tree.

      for example,

      connector in the harness with name P6, will be shown in tree as the following.\


      [sldpart name]<(shell... (???)Display State) {P6}


      the last part of this string between the {} brackets, is what im trying to fetch, but i cant do it.

      already tried by:




      with no success.,


      any help?