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Setting up a closed-loop static study

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Feb 25, 2014
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this is the first time I need to set up a 'closed-loop' static study - see image attached.


This is iteration one of a concept.

The part in white is a torque wrench. It applies a torque to the red part (via a square drive which we can't see). The red part is bolted to the base plate.

You can see there is a yellow block on the torque wrench. This is the reaction arm, which pushes against the back plate when the torque is applied.

The back plate, base plate, and gussets are all welded.


What's the proper way of setting up a study for this?


I was thinking of using the 8 threaded holes in the base plate as fixtures, and apply a force where the reaction arm meets the back plate.


I'd run the one study with all parts as solids, with contact 'No Penetration' for the edges that are welded.

Then, as a second study, I'd simulate the gussets as shells and check for weld sizes.


Is this how you would set this up?


Thank you.