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Weldment Cut-Lists and Sub-weldments

Question asked by Percy Sagar on Feb 24, 2014

I have two problems in SW-2013 (SP4.0) weldments that I did not have in previous version:

Problem-1: I created sub-weldments from a main (let's call it a "parent weldment"). These sub weldments are then "Inserted in to new parts" and a new SW-file name is given. In previous versions the sub-weldment parts and the parent weldment were linked and the parent weldment drawing cut-list would show up correctly with the correct sub-weldment parts. (The sub-weldment parts are detailed seperately under their new sw-file names). In SW-2013 the links between the sub-weldment and the parent are broken. Has anyone noticed this? Is there a fix or a work-around?

Problem-2: In sub-weldment part drawings, tapped holes transfer over fine, but the hole callout (hole wizard) features cannot be linked. The holes have to be annotated manually.


Any help on problem-1 is welcomed and my needs immediate. I can work around the hole problems for now.