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Purchasing Solidworks Student Edition

Question asked by Wes Davis on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Lenny Bucholz

Ok, so i have gone through the whole process of purchasing SolidWorks through the Solidworks Student Store.


-I have filled out and submitted the eligibility form

-I filled out the billing and shipping info

-When i click "place order" it just refreshes the page and there is no confirmation of purchase, so I try it again with a different browser. Same result. I dont think the order went through, but I want to make sure I didnt just purchase it twice

-I checked my email, no confirmation

-Checked order status, just refreshed the page when i submitted

-I tried to call and talk to someone over the phone, but they couldnt help me because all issues with the student edition are handled online

-I tried to fill out a student support form, but you have to have a serial number to complete it. I essentially have no other way to talk to someone about purchasing Solidworks


Just all around horrible customer service from Solidworks so far. All I need: can someone confirm that I would be directed to some type of confimation screen if i had in fact purchased the software? I dont want to purchase it from one of their outside retailers and find out that I already have a two orders on the way