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    EPDM auto login

    Shawn Pantzke

      Hello all,


      I have a code that needs to login to EPDM and it does so every time that the task is run. My question is there a method for specifying the vault without logging in. I am finding that the logon process takes at least 4-5 seconds every time the  code runs.


      I am using:

      'start code------------------------------------------

      dim eVault as iedmvault5

      set eVault = new iedmvault5

      eVault.loginauto "username",0

      '-------------------------------------------end code


      Does anyone have a better or alternative method?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Jeff Sweeney

          There are some [not many] things you can do with the vault object without logging in.


          There are only two methods to login though. LoginAuto & Login.


          You are sending "username" as the first parameter to LoginAuto? The first parameter is the vault name. Perhaps that is your problem?

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              Shawn Pantzke



              I meant "vaultname" I was typing off the cuff and must have spaced off.


              The computer is already logged into the vault, I would like to just set the object without having to login.


              I would just like to try to shave some time off of the routine. The program typically takes about two minutes to run, given certain variables more or less. It runs on every drawing that is approved into the vault so it sees quite a bit of traffic and if there is a influx of people approving files it gets backed up and people get inpatient and do stupid things to make it crash.


              I have some other things that I am looking into also but I cannot figure this one out.