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Submitting SW Addition/Change Request

Question asked by Anthony Patterson on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by Anna Wood

I've noticed some people saying that they have "submitted a change request" to SW in response to some common question or problem. I was wondering how you go about doing this. Can just anyone do so? Or do you have to be a special member or part of the development team or something?


The issue I was hoping to bring up was with overwritten dimensions in drawings. I can somewhat understand their use, but they can also cause a real mess of things. For instance, we commonly work on SW drawings that are 17+ pages long. Naturally we do a lot of copying drawings and just changing whats needed. There are easily hundreds if not thousands of dimensions in the drawing and it has happened more than a few times where someone along the way has overwritten a dimension that was missed and sent through to manufacturing. In my opinion, if SW is going to incorporate such a feature then they should also have either some sort of warning upon saving the document that there are overwritten dimensions. Or at the very least have some way of displaying all overwritten dimensions. Doesn't seem like this would be too hard of an addition and would save a lot of grief for the user.