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    Creating actually useful templates?

    Alexander Zwegers

      Is it in some way possible to create templates of pre-made parts and/or assemblies? (preferably the latter)?


      As far as I can see templates are just settings, without actual objects in them.


      But we use the same objects (in assemblies) every time to start from - which now means we need to "save as" every time... which is way too much work considering how easy it can be (especially on an assembly): because having to save as copy, rename the lot ( we don't use pre- or subfixes in our article/part names) etc etc. - still loosing connectivity and equation .txt files too often on the way.


      What we basically need is what you can do in about any other piece of software: complete a file as far as needed to cut preparation work and save it as template - the basic reason why "templates" exist.


      Whenever we try and save an assembly that actually would save time to use we get "A document which references other documents may not be saved as a template"...


      An assembly by default, by definition, references other documents.... so what's the use if you can't?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Instead of Save as... you might try Pack and Go.  I know you said you don't use prefix or suffix, but you can re-name files by double-clicking on the file name in the column shown below.  That may give better results than Save as...


          re-name in pack and go.png

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            Jeff Holliday

            I don't see a reason for you to have to save the assy as a template. Simply saving it as a file (maybe with "template" as part of the name) should provide the starting point you are looking for.

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                Alexander Zwegers

                Yes, but that's what we've got now... and it defies the definition of a template (as shown in about any piece of template-supporting software that is not solidworks).


                The way SWs treat templates is what is called a (company)standard, not a template.


                For example, you produce the SW training objects of hammer (2 parts), screwdriver (2 parts) and pliers (4 parts). Each of these comes in many customizable versions - but you always start with your basic assy. In most software this would mean:

                - click new

                - get a list of available templates (empty, hammer, screwdriver, pliers)

                - click hammer and you start all new files (parts, equations, everything) based on your template

                - which you can save in 1 go

                ( which do not conflict with other files that may be opened)


                Not being able to do so would be like getting stuck in Word with just the normal.dot - no varied official letters, emails or other _templates_ available.

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                Eric Husted

                Hi Alexander,


                Have you looked into using DriveWorksExpress? This is a great way to manage templates and create new variations. Solidworks come with this software for free.

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                    Alexander Zwegers

                    One of the main reasons why we picked SW over Inventor is because SW didn't ask us to use a seperate program (in Inventor's case... AutoCAD) for every little tidbit it can't handle itself...


                    ...or as our reseller said: "oh! what you want is a configurator!"


                    I was just hoping the very standard feature I was missing was just hidden for me in some way (like by being called "standards" or "default assemblies to start with" or hidden under some menu I never use). .