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Dimensional configurations

Question asked by Sid Humphreys on Feb 24, 2014
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Morning all,


After doing the customary search and coming up with a blank, I am back here.  We recently upgraded to 2014 so the only essentials book I have laying around is 2012.  I tried using it for dimension configuartions but am having a hard time.


Question one:  I have a rubber grommet that has like 7 or so dimenions on its revolved feature.  I want to creat a configuration so that I can change the dimensions and have another grommet just from a different dash number from my tabulated drawing.  I cannot seem get to get this table generation thing in SW to cooperate.


Question two:  Is there a link someone can provide to where I can find online manuals for 2014?


This cannot be Youtube or streaming because my illustrious IT dept puts a cap on downloads of 150Meg a day and I'll be shot for the day after one video.