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Features of split-resulting parts

Question asked by Patrice Ringenbach on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by Patrice Ringenbach

Hi there,


I don't know if I'm handling my problem the best way and need your advice about it.


1) I'm trying to design a carter with multiple features in a single part.

2) In an attempt to mill the mold I have split the carter in n parts (all separated by 16mm spaced planes as on attached Capture).

3) The resulting parts could be saved in multiple files.


My problem is that I can't see them differently than solid bodies (as seen on Capture2). I can't reach the features derived from these forms, hence I can't use a cam tool like Delcam because no features are reachable at the split-part level.


I know, one workaround would be to create the initial using multiple 16mm layers, but what if I have a solid based on splines that I would like to mill by layers?


Any thoughts?


Thank you very much for your advice...