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How to Capture a Cut List Property as a Custom File Property

Question asked by Ed Cyganik on Feb 23, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by Carlos Martínez González

Hello Everyone,


   I'm a long time user and I was a long time contributer as some of you may know. Anyway, I have performed many searches on this topic but I haven't been unable to find the answer I'm seeking.


   I have a sheet metal part created using a Base Flange feature and I'd like to capture the flat pattern length in an existing custom file property called "CutLength". I have flattened the part and created a dimension and then captured the dimension in the file property "CutLength". However, when the part is folded, the dimension updates and value is incorrect.


   I've been trying to utilize the cut list property "Bounding Box Length" or its expression; "SW-Bounding Box Length@@@Cut-List-Item1@SM2.SLDPRT" but I haven't had any luck.


Sure hope there is a solution to this as it has been driving me crazy.




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