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Drawing Template setup to ANSI Standards

Question asked by Nicholas Reak on Feb 24, 2014
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Hey everyone, I am new to this forum so i apologize if i seem redundant when asking about some of this stuff.


Where can I find these? I am working on standardizing a few things at my new job but am pretty new to all of this. Is there a store I can go to for these books or go to Amazon and order them. Any direction for this would be nice. thanks



> ASME Y14.1 - Decimal Inch Drawing Sheet Size and Format

> ASME Y14.2M - Line Conventions and Lettering

> ASME Y14.3M - Multi-view and Sectional View Drawings

> ASME Y14.5M - Dimensioning and Tolerancing

> ASME Y14.6 - Screw Thread Representation

> ASME Y14.8M - Castings and Forgings

> ASME Y14.24 - Types and Applications of Engineering Drawings

> ASME Y14.34M - Associated Lists

> ASME Y14.35M - Revision of Engineering Drawings and Associated Documents

> ASME Y14.36M - Surface Texture Symbols

> ASME Y14.38 - Abbreviations and Acronyms

> ASME Y14.100M - Engineering Drawing Practices