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    Charles Culp

      I saved a couple very simple files as 3DXML with SolidWorks. Then I tried to import them with SolidWorks, and eDrawings. Here are the errors I receive for everything 3DXML based:





      So what gives? Why can't eDrawings read 3DXML files generated by SolidWorks? Can eDrawings read CATIA 3DXML files correctly? I tried, no dice.



      Here are the claims that it can:




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          Josiah Lund

          I'd like to bump this thread. I'm having the same issue. Solidworks seems to have no trouble exporting .3DXML files, but cannot import them. I have a model that was supplied to me in a .3DXML format, so I don't have the ability to just go and export it as a different file type.