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Creating mates and exporting them to another assembly

Question asked by Matija Prprovic on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by jeff eyberse

Hello all,


I am new in Solidworks and have this little problem in it

So to start the story, I am in Student racing team and everyone has thier job, mine is the seat, I took the assembly with the full model, chasis, body and some seat which is located properly but isn't proper size.

So, I have a seat inside the chasis in my assembly, and I have to export the seat and place it in the same place in another assembly.

Is it possible to create some mates (3 would be enough) and then export the seat with those mates (both chasis are same in both assemblies) and connect those mates with chasis.

Or is there possibly any easier way to do it?


Thank you in advance!