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    SolidWorks deleting duplicate file contents

    Greg Welch

      Has anyone else had problems with SolidWorks 2013 deleting a file from an assembly, or deleting the contents of a part file in an assembly?  This seems to be happening when two assemblies contain parts with the same name, but the two parts exist in different folder.  Here's an example.  I have Assembly A and Assembly B.  These, and all of their components reside in different folders.  Unbeknownst to me, they share a common part with a common name, Part1.  I bring Assembly A and Assembly B together in a third assembly.  At some point, I decide to open Assembly B on its own, and Part1 isn't showing up.  I can see it in the file tree, so I open it up.  It contains nothing but the three basic planes.


      We've been running into this and other assembly anomolies, always involving parts that exist under the same name in different folders.  In the past, when faced with duplicate file names, SolidWorks just selects whatever file it gets to first, but now it's getting destructive.  We're using 2013 x64, SP3.0.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          You will always have problems with two different parts having the same name in the same assembly, regardless of which folder they're saved in.

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            Jeff Holliday

            I understand how it can impact all of us. One of the "keys" in your discussion is "contain parts with teh same name, but they exist in different folder". Microsoft Windows has allowed us to feel secure by seeming to be folder-based. In reality, I don't think it is. The file name is simply what is in front of the ".extension" and does not contain the path.


            SW suggests not using duplicate filenames to avoid the type of confusion we run across. I would suggest using a doc-management system to minimize these problems. WPDM is included free with SW Pro/Premium. It is not very powerful, but it will only allow 1 unique file name to be checked into it's vault for each file and it will maintain cross-references to where that part is used in different assemblies.


            I'm not sure what is causing the "destruction" you refer to, but the best way around it is to be aware of the situation and only use unique names for each part.


            Good luck!

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                Greg Welch

                Yes, of course, we avoid duplicate file names, but sometimes they can sneak up on you.  Making a minor mistake should not be a death senctence for a file.  That's the real key.  That's the problem I'm looking to have answered or corrected.  It would be like if, when editing a dimension for a part and inadvertantly create an invalid profile, SolidWorks just deletes the profile altogether.

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                John Burrill

                Greg, it sounds like you've got a third duplicate of your file that you previously didn't know about.

                To answer your question, I've seen cases where solidworks discarded changes to a file that was opened read-only without prompting (because I set it up to do that), but going into a file and removing features?  No, it sounds like what you actually did was pick the feature in the feature manager tree, right-click on it and select "Delete" from the list, which removes the feature from the tree-which is not to be confused with RMB-ing on the component level and doing 'delete.'  Depending on your settings, you could have wiped out the tree in that part and not realized it.  It would be unusual since deleting one feature rarely clears everything out below it, but if it's a simple part, it's a feasible explanation.

                But to go on record, the most destructive bug in SolidWorks was the 2010 Photoworks add-in bug that corrupted the whole OS, followed by the WPDM bug where it would act like it was checking in a file but not actually do it because the maximum revision level had been reached and in no case have I seen SolidWorks delete or clear out part files of it's own accord.

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                    Greg Welch

                    I was dealing with assemblies, not individual parts.  The parts were imported from stp files, so there was nothing to edit.  Further, I didn't delete anything from the assemblies.  I just opened an individual subassembly and discovered that some of the parts (which turned out to be the duplicated parts) appeared to be missing.  Like I said, they weren't missing.  The file was there, but the content was gone.  The imported uneditable block that's normally created with a stp translation was gone.  All that was left was the standard planes.

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                    Alexander Johnny

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