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Layout - Part made from block projects in orthogonal direction !?!

Question asked by Adam Sherman on Feb 21, 2014

I have been struggling with top down layout design.  I have a top and right side layout sketches that define my basic building blocks.  When I enter layout mode I am on the front plane.  I double click the Top plane and sketch a rectangle in the TOP plane.  I make a block from the rectangle and then a part from the new block. The constraints say that the line segments are on -on-plane.    When I modify the new part and project my sketch to create the slab, the sketch flips to the front plane and projects at a right angle to my intended direction.  The sketch now appears on the front plane not on the top plane where I defined it. 


The other thing I notice, is that the red origin markers are not pointing to the right and to the top as I expect in a new sketch.  How do I make sure I am sketching on the correct plane?  Why does it flip to the front?   I click normal-to and I am viewing the top plane from above.  It all seems correct.  I got most of the layout done correctly but I still have strange things happen where blocks flip direction and orientation.  I am going nuts with this Top down layout mode that seems so elegant in the demonstrations. 

I will attach.  Plate-2 is the sketch block  I want to project.

Any help would be appreciated.